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Markus Theilacker

Markus is a self-employed trainer, life and business coach, school director of the ILP school (school for Integrated Solution Focused Psychology) in Frankfurt and in the Rhine / Main region and founder of MindBodyCircle(R) training. His focus is, in addition to his work with companies, in the support and empowerment of people (private individuals, coaches, trainers and all professionals who deal with individuals) and to find their own unique way to cope with the challenges of our time accordingly. His practice contains, besides body-oriented and energetic techniques, also  elements of Generative Coaching, Leadership Embodiment, Mental Training, Qi-Gong and K.I. (Body intelligence).



Galina Sanderson

Galina is the wife of New Zealand´s healer Clif Sanderson, who died in 2013 and is the founder of DFR - Deep Field Relaxation. Together with him, she has developed the "Mind-Music", which is used in DFR sessions. Galina and Clif worked withand supported children during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and founded the charity "Focus", which looks after the well-being of children. Galina has also established the "Flowing Voice" approach, in which she combines breath, voice and movement.



Daniela Vollmann

Dany is a self-employed Life and Business Coach, faculty at the ILP school in Frankfurt and trained in energy-/energetic- / mindfulness-based approaches such as Vesseling, MindBodyCircle(R), Truly Human, and others. She facilitates appropriate programs and courses in her private practice in Frankfurt and in a global company. Dany will not only lead the camp with Markus, but also translate Galina into German and vice versa.




“Der Planet braucht keine erfolgreichen Menschen mehr. Der Planet braucht dringend Friedensstifter,

Heiler, Erneuerer, Geschichtenerzähler

und Liebende aller Arten. "


Dalai Lama